Foodie Friday: Garden Crop

I love the second part of summer and beginning of fall!  The farmer’s markets are always exploding and the garden is producing.  It’s so exciting!   This batch gave me purple grapes, ground cherries, and tomatoes.  The difference between home grown and store bought is massive.  The flavor of these tomatoes and grapes are extraordinary, […]

A Little Help With Interviews

I am a multi passionate person.  I want to do a LOT of different things. I’m writing a book. I have a blog. (Welcome.) Once a week I meet with friends for our Shakesbeere group where we read Shakespeare and drink good beer at local places. (I debated posting a goofy high school Shakespeare photo […]

Foodie Friday: Black Bean Bacon Soup

Today has been a slightly cooler day and I’ve been hooked on Kitchen Nightmares (the US version) so I decided to make something flavorful and comforting.  It was also an exciting day today because for the past few days my kitchen sink hasn’t been draining and I haven’t had the chance to get it fixed […]

Don’t Dog On The Millenial Generation

Millenials. What did that word just make you think? If you’re not a Millenial it probably wasn’t something terribly nice. If that’s true, you’re kind of an asshole. Here’s why: I get so tired of hearing people dogging on Millenials as if we’re such a failure of a generation. Did you do everything the way […]

Foodie Friday: Home Grown Tea

Happy Friday! It’s been a little while.  A lot has happened over the last week, some good and some bad, so I took a small hiatus while things settled down.  I decided that the best way to start up again was to start with a Foodie Friday article, and what’s more relaxed and happy than […]