Foodie Friday: Home Grown Tea

Happy Friday!

It’s been a little while.  A lot has happened over the last week, some good and some bad, so I took a small hiatus while things settled down.  I decided that the best way to start up again was to start with a Foodie Friday article, and what’s more relaxed and happy than a good cup of tea?  Not much.

This year I’ve been experimenting with tea made from plants in the garden and so far it’s been a resounding success.  So far I have Chamomile and Chocolate Mint to play with.  They both have exploded with leaves and flowers for me to use.  I’m going to be stocked up for a very long time.

If you’re a tea drinker you should consider these options because they’re very easy.  All you do is let the plants grow and harvest them in the mornings.  The Chocolate Mint tea is made from the leaves of the plant and the Chamomile is made from the flowers.   For the Chamomile just rake your fingers through the plant sort of popping the flowers off the plant.  For the Mint you can cut the branches off or pick individual leaves.  For both you should spread them out somewhere dry and fairly room temperature for at least a week, ideally two.  They need to have plenty of time to dry.






Once they’ve dried you can crush them up or just use them whole

I added some rice to the jars to help keep moisture out of the tea.  You can either just put some straight in the jar or if you’re using loose leaf tea bags you can put rice in one of those and then put it in the jar.  Either way make sure the tea doesn’t get sealed in with any moisture. in a loose leaf pot or tea ball (or really any loose leaf option) and brew it like you would a tea bag.  The flavor is much stronger since it’s fresher though so you don’t need as much.

At some point I plan to try making Chocolate Mint Mojitos, so I’ll probably let you know if that’s a go or no some time soon.  Till then, relax and enjoy!




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