A Little Help With Interviews

I am a multi passionate person.  I want to do a LOT of different things.

  1. I’m writing a book.
  2. I have a blog. (Welcome.)
  3. Once a week I meet with friends for our Shakesbeere group where we read Shakespeare and drink good beer at local places. (I debated posting a goofy high school Shakespeare photo of us.)
  4. I try to go to as many concerts with friends as possible.601830_10152792413310333_1586243679_n
  5. I’m about to start a Happiness Project and am considering starting a group for it.


The list could probably go on too.  One thing I’ve been working on for a bit is that I’m trying to start a business training people for interviews.  Most people really struggle with them and I’ve always been pretty good at interviews.  I understand how they work, I have 18 years of acting under my belt so I don’t get stage fright, and I’ve spent some time studying body language so I know how to present myself.  All of this seems second nature to me but for most it’s scary, stressful, and confusing.  So I definitely have a lot to offer.  Right now I’m in the beginning stage of offering my services for free and in return I ask for a testimonial.  The biggest struggle and frustration is hearing from people, “That’s awesome! Good job!” but then struggling to get people on board.  I’ve recently decided to take a different approach though.

First, I made a website.  You can find it here: Interview Ready

Second, I’ve made some simple posters that I’m going to post on a local campus that houses three different colleges and universities.  Depending on that success I’ll go from there.

Third, I’m telling people exactly what they’re getting.

The third thing is big because even I didn’t realize how much the going rate for a 1 hour session is:  $200-300.  So to be giving these services away for free really is a pretty sweet deal!

So far I’ve received one testimonial, but it’s a damn sexy one, and I recently was contacted by another person who’s interested in a session.  It’s really exciting!  I seem to be on some sort of right track here, so now hopefully it will continue up and up.  I feel good about this one.  So if you’re out there and think, “I hate interviews.  I don’t ever feel good about them.”  Then you should take a look at Interview Ready.  It might be worth your while.


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