Bugs on a Tree! A Praying Mantis Story

Mowing the lawn.  Ugh… Such a pain.  I put off mowing for a little too long and everything was tall and it was tough, but I finally did it.  The lawn looks great now, but you know what’s left?  Bugs.  They were so happy with all of the tall grass and now they’re exposed.  Mostly it’s grasshoppers which is fine, because they don’t bother me and it’s like a field day for my cats.  However there are some other ones.  Spiders, earwigs, etc.  Those are less my favorites.  And sadly the wasps are having a feast which of all of the bugs I think wasps are my least favorite.  I can handle bees, but get yo wasp ass outta here.

However, I discovered today that there are some other really cool bugs in my backyard.  Like this guy!


A Praying Mantis!  How cool is that?!  I didn’t actually find it on this leaf.  Originally it was on the ground on some weeds near where my cats like to chill so I decided to move it for the safety of both.  This in itself was a little intense because as it turns out, these little guys move pretty quickly.  I was thinking more like a sloth since they sit still for so long, but nope.  I started by caring him on a large piece of mulch wood, but quickly realized that a meager plank like that wasn’t enough and I’m not too keen on getting pinched, so I grabbed a branch off a weed (Not a “weed” weed.  Just a weed. I may or may not have let some weeds get really big… There were just so many!) and carried it on that.  These guys are smart!  He just watched me and plotted.  When I had it on the wood it moved very slowly toward my fingers, and on the branch it just stayed defensive and ready.  But you could tell, first chance it got… SNAP!

Anyway, this guy was a really cool find.  I’ve always thought Praying Mantes were really cool so it was awesome to actually come across one.  Hope he catches lots of bugs for me!



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