Don’t Dog On The Millenial Generation

Millenials. What did that word just make you think? If you’re not a Millenial it probably wasn’t something terribly nice. If that’s true, you’re kind of an asshole. Here’s why: I get so tired of hearing people dogging on Millenials as if we’re such a failure of a generation. Did you do everything the way […]

School Didn’t Prepare Me For This… Or Did It?

You know how school is supposed to prepare you for life? Well, I’ve realized it gives you some very valuable skills, but it also causes some problems. Summer break is great, but it doesn’t really help your mindset. And all of those projects and ever changing classes? Fabulous, right? So what happens when you’ve graduated […]

Interviewee’s Rebuttal

On Monday I wrote a NMM (Notable Media Monday) and introduced you all to a presentation about recent graduates and their often lack of interviewing skills. If you didn’t see it, you really should. It’s fantastic!   However, I do want to point out that the interviewer is not always perfect. I’ve had plenty of […]

Recycle and Repurpose Your Life

 Nowadays people seem to be getting very into recycling and repurposing things. Furniture, artwork, clothing, and accessories. However, there seems to be one major thing that not everyone is considering. We’re in the middle of a major shift when it comes to job security. Particularly those who are fresh out of college and want to […]

Notable Media Monday: Marie Forleo

It’s Notable Media Monday!!! Yaaaay!!! Something that I really love to do is share different media with people. When I find a fantastic new music video, an interesting documentary, or a well written book or article, I want to spread the word. I’m sure some of my friends have taken me off their news feed […]