Characters In Love Are Always Pleasantly Surprised… Huh?

I’m currently writing a young adult fiction novel which is a pretty good gamble. It’s always hard to get a novel of that kind published because there are so many to compete with. I’m trying to be smart about it though. Paying attention to how best sellers are written, thinking about what publishers are going […]

NMM: Forks Over Knives!

Happy Monday! Today I’m bringing you another documentary that I think is definitely notable.  It’s called Forks Over Knives and is all about our current diet and what studies have shown.  It tells the story of various people who eat what’s called a “whole-food plant-based diet”.  Some of these people were diagnosed with cancer years ago […]

NMM: Chemerical

Do you know how toxic our lives are? Okay, increase that ten fold. My mom has been dealing with severe migraines and food allergies for more than five years now, and she’s finally finding the source of the problems, but along the way we’ve learned all kinds of nasty truths about the chemicals and toxins […]